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New Design QuickFlow Sanitary Napkin Machine for Sale

New Design QuickFlow Sanitary Napkin Machine for Sale

Introducing our "QuickFlow" Sanitary Napkin Machine - the ultimate solution for fast, efficient and versatile production of high-quality sanitary napkins. With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design, this machine sets a new standard in the industry. Boasting an impressive speed, the QuickFlow Sanitary Napkin Machine ensures swift production, saving valuable time and increasing productivity. Say goodbye to long waiting hours and hello to an uninterrupted workflow that meets the demands of today's fast-paced world. Not only does the QuickFlow Sanitary Napkin Machine offer exceptional speed, but it also offers unmatched versatility. Whether it's day use or night use sanitary napkins, our machine enables you to effortlessly switch between different sizes to cater to varying customer preferences. Enjoy the flexibility to adapt to market trends and meet the ever-changing needs of your customers. One of the standout features of the QuickFlow Sanitary Napkin Machine is its user-friendly design. Changing sizes has never been easier or quicker. With just a few simple adjustments, you can switch from producing smaller-sized daytime napkins to larger nighttime pads, ensuring a hassle-free manufacturing process. Additionally, our machine is engineered with precision and attention to detail, guaranteeing the production of sanitary napkins that are of the highest quality. Each napkin is crafted with care, ensuring optimal comfort and absorbency, providing women with the confidence and peace of mind they deserve. Invest in the QuickFlow Sanitary Napkin Machine today and experience the revolution in sanitary napkin production. It's time to streamline your manufacturing process, elevate your brand, and meet the ever-growing demands of the market. Don't settle for less when it comes to quality and productivity - choose QuickFlow, the ultimate solution for sanitary napkin production.

RX-INK400 Inverter Motor Type Baby Diaper Machine

RX-INK400  Inverter motor type baby diaper machine is a semi-auto machine.It can do 4 sizes.
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    120 days
product details

RX-INK400  Inverter Motor Type Baby Diaper Machine

baby diaper machine


Main functions and features

1.Qualified rate 98%(calculate based on 7.5 hours, the rate 

   between qualified products and  total production quantity, except 

   substandard products caused by glue applicator error)

2.The machine can make 4 sizes

3.Container 5×40HQ

4.Total weight about 50 tons

5.Working space 30-40×7×5M  (L×W×H)

Machine parameter

Model  RX-INK400
Name  Inverter Motor Type Baby Diaper Machine
Design speed 500 pcs/min
Working speed 400 pcs/min
Qualified rate

98(calculate based on 7.5 hours, the rate between qualified products and total

 production quantity, except substandard products caused by glue applicator error)

Production efficiency

90( calculate based on 7.5 hours, the rate between real production quantity and

 theory production quantity)

Capacity 180KW
Power Three phases four wires 380V±5%/50Hz  (ground wire)
Air pressure 0.6mpa, 1.8m3/min
Total weight About 50 tons
Machine size 30×5×3M (L×W×H)
Working space 30-40×7×5M  (L×W×H)
Machine color Customized
Product size Customized  ( 4 sizes)
Machine direction Customized
Container 40HQ

Machine description 

Machine total system

Pulp crusher system

SAP feeding system

Drum forming system

Lower tissue paper feeding system

Upper tissue paper feeding system

Core wrapping system

Smooth roller compacting system

Web roller compacting system

ADL feeding & cut system

Core cutting system

Hydrophobic non woven feeding system

Hydrophilic non woven feeding system

Wasit band feeding & cut system

PE film feeding system

Back non woven feeding system

Frontal tape feeding system

Leg Spandex feeding system

Side tape feeding system

Arc cutting system

Edge scrap collecting system

Vertical folding system

Product compacting system & final cutting

NO.1 rejection output

Bi & Tri folding system

NO.2 rejection output

Out put system

Main Spare parts

Low-voltage apparatus Schneider France
Sensors Banner USA
Web guider KSC China
Touch screen Banner USA
PLC control system Mitsubishi Japan
Siemens Germany  
AB      USA      
Cutter material D2 USA
Temperature control system Omron    Japan
HB China
Bearing HRB China
NSK Japan
SKF Sweden
Timing belt OPTIBELT Germany
Gates USA      
Conveying belt HABSIT Swaziland
Nitta Japan     
Pneumatic system SMC Japan     

About RX

Quanzhou Ruoxin Machinery Co.,Ltd have more than 150 employees. Equipped with Italy and Japan R&D technology team, professional spare parts processing team, assembly team and after service team. 

More than 15 years experience focussing on hygiene machines.

10 CNC processing machine and  40 other processing machines.

Adopting famous and reliable spare parts , like Mitsubishi , Siemens, Sick, Schneider, NSK/SKF, BST, FIFE, SMC,Omron and so on.

Turn-key service from start and its long life time service will be offered. Every year we sent more than 100 times technician out all over the world to install the machine or offer service and update the machine for old customers.

Factory Processing Map

Packing and Packaging Diagram

After-sales Service

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