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Semi Servo Type Baby Diaper Machine

Semi Servo Type Baby Diaper Machine

Quanzhou Niso Industry Co.,Ltd recently launched a NS-INK450 Semi Servo Type Baby Diaper Machine,The new machine offers a high speed, high efficiency, visualized, intelligent full service control system. The line produces S, M, L and XL size baby diapers with elastic side panels. The production speed is 350-400 pieces per minute. With an optional auto bagging machine, the packaging speed reaches as high as 50 packs per minute. The full-servo auto-controlling system is the core for customers to upgrade their factory into an energy-efficient, automated and reliable place for baby care products output. Customers can also request camera monitoring systems to conduct on-line size checking, location inspecting, etc. Other requests can be tailor-made in order to design the best solutions for the customers.

  • Record Mask Production from BelEmsa
    Record Mask Production from BelEmsa
    on December 21,2020.

    12.17.20 BelEmsa, one of the leading manufacturers of disposable hygienic products, has increased mask production to 200 million pieces per month in Europe, according to Aleksandr Kolesnov, the first deputy director of BelEmsa. In the fight against the novel coronavirus, medical masks are a vital item for healthcare workers on the frontline. Kolesnov states, “We are fully aware that access to PPE is challanging and we must secure the production of such an important item to encourage business organizations and public health through the recovery period.” Detailed research on face masks have been conducted by the BelEmsa R&D project team since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, Kolesnov adds. “We were aware that performance and comfort requirements must be offered under hygienic conditions due to public needs. We applied extensive know-how accumulated through our experience and created soft earloop masks for perfect fit and comfortable use. Meanwhile, BelEmsa worked closely with EC accredited laboratories and German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) for manufacturing facilities at European standards. "We risk significant amount of funds and invested millions in machinery, raw materials, hundreds of new employees and factory space to manufacture an item projected to have a short-lived demand. However, contributing to society has become one of our key priorities under the current circumstances,” he continues. According to Kolesnov, BelEmsa has never experienced challenges in nonwoven materials, logistics and other key equipments thanks to its long standing experience and reputation in the hygiene industry. He adds, “We have always been a reliable partner to the governments and healthcare institutions to ensure high-quality medical products." Kolesnov ends, “Im proud of the fantastic efforts of our operational team took our business out of China and brought to home. BelEmsa become the first company producing comfy earloop masks in Europe and offering this innovative item with the Senso Med brand since June.”

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  • New Elastic Laminate for Masks Solves Elongation Challenges
    New Elastic Laminate for Masks Solves Elongation Challenges
    on December 7,2020.

    The current pandemic situation around the world has created a critical gap in terms of surgical mask availability. Suddenly many countries have recognized an internal gap for the capacity of manufacturing surgical masks and even at the government level there have been actions to encourage key enterprises to invest in converters and install domestic capacity. Nevertheless, another gap that has come up is related to the availability of several raw materials. Many producers are aware of the criticality of applying elastic cord at high speed, being the most common design of masks sourced in Asia. In addition, elastic cords are replacing the elastic bands in new mask designs. Despite this latter design was much more “process friendly,” especially for high-speed converters, many producers have decided for a more pragmatic approach by simply reapplying the elastic laminated material generally used for other applications, such as diaper elastic back ears. As a result, many consumers experienced an uncomfortable feeling due to the fact that the elastic characteristics were tailored for a fastening system application. This problem has become even more critical after several hours wearing a mask and it is known as the “dumbo” effect. In order to eliminate the consumer’s uncomfortable feeling, Texol’s R&D organization has designed “Elamask,” a laminated material intended to show high elongation with low force retraction. The material is available in a basis weight of 100 gsm and has already been tested on the main mask high speed converter machine proving good runnability and good bonding properties. Most of its customers have already switched to Texol’s “Elamask.” 

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  • H.B. Fuller Launches Adhesive for Natural-Based Hygiene Products
    H.B. Fuller Launches Adhesive for Natural-Based Hygiene Products
    on December 1,2020.

    11.30.20 H.B. Fuller has launched Full-Care 5885 to meet industry’s growing demand for natural-based hygiene articles. Around the world, while consumers of disposable hygiene products are seeking more environmentally-friendly products, H.B. Fuller advanced technologies and expertise are ready to help manufacturers operate in a more sustainable way. “One good example is our new high wet strength, low odor and light color Full Care 5885 adhesive solution, which offers great value by combining high-performance 100% cotton bonding at low cost in use,” explains H.B. Fuller’s Dr. Stefan Eller, EIMEA technical service manager. Cotton-based articles are in high-demand and it’s a trend set to continue apace. Euromonitor has reported on how products with a natural and sustainable positioning have gained ground in the past few years – and how the industry’s players will need to further differentiate their natural products and enhance their positioning with further innovation. A recent webinar poll ran with Nonwovens Industry (NWI) and H.B. Fuller strongly suggests that sustainability is the number one driver behind this trend, revealing that “over 99% of the 140 respondents are focused on sustainable product development at this time.”  These results demonstrate that sustainability remains a key influence on strategy and product development for the industry’s major players – an influence no doubt driven by growing customer demand for going natural while using cotton. Cotton, with its soft, breathable properties, is already the world’s most widely used natural fiber. It’s therefore no surprise that cotton is increasingly regarded by multiple markets as the natural choice for sustainable hygiene products, particularly baby diapers and feminine care.   Other common natural-based or renewable substrate choices are viscose, typically made from cellulosic fibers and polylactic acid (PLA) or the substrate can be a blend of both. Given the growth of the baby care market – projected to increase 36% over five years to $70.1 billion dollars in sales in 2023  – and parents’ increasing reliance on purchasing diapers with safe, healthy brands, cotton and even organic cotton look likely to become the natural, sustainable material of choice. Likewise, the femcare market is poised to grow by $5.43 billion during 2020-2024 – progressing at CAGR of almost 6% during the forecast period – with a “surge in popularity of organic products instrumental in driving the growth of the market.”  As the global baby care market continues to grow, so do parents' demand for natural, safe and earth-friendly products for their babies. So, when it comes to choosing diapers and wipes, parents are turning to brands they can rely on. Cotton is a brand parents recognize as reliable, trustworthy, and sustainable, which means the market for cotton is positioned to keep growing to meet the needs of parents today—and parents tomorrow. Cotton and viscose...

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  • California Startup Begins Face Mask Production
    California Startup Begins Face Mask Production
    on 2020-09-22

    A Northern California-based startup is now in the mask making business, producing non-medical, three-ply nonwoven face masks. Salus Supply, a veteran-owned company, and the first and only nonwoven mask manufacturer on the West Coast, guarantees low prices and same-day shipping. "We bought a machine so that we could make masks in America, put local people to work and help to re-establish a critically important supply chain for personal protective equipment (PPE)," says Tovey Giezentanner, owner and founder of Salus Supply. Salus masks are made from three layers of lightweight, breathable nonwoven material,including a middle layer of meltblown fabric which provides an improved level of protection from tiny airborne particles and helps to reduce exposure to Covid-19 and bad air quality from wildfires. The movement towards wearing masks during pandemics is well documented in history and why Giezentanner, along with two investors, took to the internet to buy a mask-making machine in March 2020. After finding a company based in China with a facility in California that made and sold mask making machines, Giezentanner secured a warehouse and ordered a machine and the necessary materials to start make the masks. "Unfortunately, no one in America builds mask-making machines. Likewise, securing the nonwoven fabrics to make masks in America is almost impossible," Giezentanner continues. "For the past 25 years, it's been cheaper to import masks from China or other far east countries and as a result the PPE supply chain disappeared."In July, Giezentanner hired a San Francisco-based electrician to help communicate in Chinese and calibrate his new machine. By late-August, the mask materials arrived, and Salus Supply was in business. The mask machine can produce up to 40,000 masks a day and 1 million masks per month. "We're thrilled to be part of a national effort to re-establish the PPE supply chain in America," Giezentanner continues. "It's also been extremely rewarding to create local jobs, start a California-based supply chain in my hometown and make something positive happen in 2020." Salus sells boxes of 50 masks or cases of 2000. Salus non-medical, source control face masks are authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization for use as source control by members of the general public as well as health care professionals in healthcare settings to help prevent the spread of infection or illness during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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  • CINTE 20 Successfully Held in Shanghai
    CINTE 20 Successfully Held in Shanghai
    on 2020-09-15

    From Sept. 2-4, the 14th China International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles and Nonwovens (CINTE 20) co-organized by CNITA, CCPITTEX and Messe Frankfurt was successfully held in Shanghai. It was the first exhibition of technical textiles and nonwovens after the breakout of the pandemic, and attracted nearly 500 exhibitors. The exhibits covered the entire industrial chain of technical textiles and nonwovens, including machines and accessories, raw materials and chemicals, nonwoven fabrics and products, other industrial textile rolls and products, functional fabrics, personal protective equipment, etc. The scale was 38,000 square meters, occupying the three major exhibition halls of Shanghai New International Expo Center. The number of visitors has achieved a breakthrough increase compared with the previous sessions. 2020 is a special year for the industrial textiles and nonwovens industry due to Covid-19. China industrial textiles and nonwovens industry and CNITA have undertaken the important task of supporting anti-epidemic materials such as masks, protective clothing, and wipes for the whole country fighting against Covid-19. In order to promote the industry's anti-pandemic deeds and display anti-pandemic products, the display area of Heroic Deeds of Anti-pandemic and innovative products of key anti-pandemic materials was specially set up in the exhibition hall. Technology shapes life. The great significance and role of technical textiles and nonwoven products have been played fully this time. They can also be applied in various fields. During CINTE 20, players shared high-quality resources in the industry chain, discussed topics on industry innovation and development, and shared industry development responsibilities. During CINTE 20, the 9th China International Nonwovens Conference (CINC 2020) was also successfully held Sept. 2-3. CINC is committed to building a high-quality communication platform for participants from the industry. It has been held for eight consecutive sessions with increasing influence. Focusing on the theme of "Responsibility and Innovation of the Nonwovens Industry under the Pandemic," presentations about investment, technological innovation, social responsibility and industrial chain collaboration in the nonwoven industry were delivered at site or via video by many speakers from China, North America and Europes. Li Lingshen, president of CNITA, reviewed the development of China's nonwovens industry in 2019 and contributions of China's nonwovens industry in the fight against Covid-19, described the outlook and social responsibility strategy of the nonwovens industry in the post-virus period. INDA president Dave Rousse and EDANA general manager Pierre Wiertz made presentations via video. Mr. Rousse shared with attendees the functional foundation of nonwoven materials in three critical areas of facemask, medical and surgical gowns, and wipes for healthcare workers and all citizens, and reported on the latest capacity and ...

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  • Kimberly-Clark Announces $1.2 Billion Acquisition of Softex Indonesia
    Kimberly-Clark Announces $1.2 Billion Acquisition of Softex Indonesia
    on September 7,2020.

    Kimberly-Clark announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Softex Indonesia, a leader in the fast-growing Indonesian personal care market, in an all-cash transaction for approximately $1.2 billion from a group of shareholders including CVC Capital Partners Asia Pacific IV. "This acquisition represents a compelling strategic fit and demonstrates our commitment to accelerate growth in developing and emerging markets," says Mike Hsu, chairman and CEO, Kimberly-Clark. "Moreover, adding Softex Indonesia and its brands to Kimberly-Clark will enhance our company's underlying growth prospects and help us create even more long-term shareholder value." Indonesia is a large, growing market with attractive future prospects, and the acquisition immediately improves Kimberly-Clark's currently limited position in the country to one with strong market share in key personal care categories across Southeast Asia's largest economy. The diaper market in Indonesia is currently estimated at $1.6 billion, the sixth largest in the world, with approximately five million annual births. Approximately 80% of Softex Indonesia sales come from diapers, and it currently holds the No. 2 market share position with the Sweety and Happy Nappy brands while continuing to grow its market presence. The remaining Softex Indonesia sales are mostly in the feminine care and adult care categories. In feminine care, the company holds the No. 3 market share position with the Softex brand. In adult care, it holds the No. 2 market share position with the Confidence brand. Since 1976, Softex Indonesia has built a successful personal care business with strong market positions and has consistently delivered double-digit growth. The company has excellent manufacturing capabilities and a strong go-to-market distribution network. Softex Indonesia generated net sales of approximately $420 million in 2019. The transaction is another demonstration of Kimberly-Clark's commitment to generate improved, sustainable top-line growth and create long-term shareholder value. Excluding one-time transaction and integration costs, the acquisition's impact on adjusted earnings per share in 2020 and 2021 is expected to be immaterial. The transaction will be financed primarily through incremental debt and secondarily cash on hand. The transaction is expected to close early in the fourth quarter of 2020 and is subject to customary closing conditions. "Softex Indonesia has a strong, growing and profitable business with a portfolio of brands loved by Indonesian consumers," says Aaron Powell, president of Kimberly-Clark's Asia-Pacific consumer business. "This acquisition provides an opportunity for Kimberly-Clark to accelerate our growth in Southeast Asia, and we look forward to combining our strengths in innovation and brand building to expand on Softex Indonesia's continued success."

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