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Semi Servo Type Baby Diaper Machine

Semi Servo Type Baby Diaper Machine

Quanzhou Niso Industry Co.,Ltd recently launched a NS-INK450 Semi Servo Type Baby Diaper Machine,The new machine offers a high speed, high efficiency, visualized, intelligent full service control system. The line produces S, M, L and XL size baby diapers with elastic side panels. The production speed is 350-400 pieces per minute. With an optional auto bagging machine, the packaging speed reaches as high as 50 packs per minute. The full-servo auto-controlling system is the core for customers to upgrade their factory into an energy-efficient, automated and reliable place for baby care products output. Customers can also request camera monitoring systems to conduct on-line size checking, location inspecting, etc. Other requests can be tailor-made in order to design the best solutions for the customers.

LE-120-CCM Full Automatic Diaper Core Compound Machine

LE-120-CCM full automatic diaper core compound machine is a hygiene materials machine.
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LE-120-CCM Full Automatic Diaper Core Compound Machine

Full Automatic Diaper Core Compound Machine

Basic technology

1. Applicable materials: dust-free paper, non-woven cloth, high polymer
2. Dust-free paper + polymer + hot melt adhesive + hot air non-woven cloth + hot melt adhesive + polymer + dust-free paper/non-woven cloth
-- -- composites
--- stain detection, metal detection (customer selection)
--- cut and roll

Main technical parameters

1. Maximum design speed: 120m/min
2. Normal speed: 20-100m/min
3. Effective composite width: 1200mm
4. High polymer discharge width: 950mm-1250mm width adjustable with locking function
5. Application amount of single-layer polymer: 50g-180g/m2
6. Control of accuracy deviation of polymer powders: + / - 3%
6. Diameter of uncoiling (dust-free paper) : 1200mm
7. Coil diameter (composite material) : 1200mm
8. Finished quantitative: 200 ~ 500 g / ㎡
9. Electric control scheme: the main transmission adopts closed-loop frequency control and the high polymer shaft adopts servo drive
10. Appearance size: about 22500*4000*2500 (length * width * height)
11. Equipment flow direction: facing the operating surface, from right to left
11. Installed capacity: about 90KW

About NISO

NISO is a professional raw materials and machine supplier for making baby diaper, adult diaper, feminine sanitary napkin,under pad and so on.
NISO covers an area of 5000 square meters, gets CE, ISO, SGS.
NISO exports more than1000 containers to Asia, Mid-east, Europe, South America, Africa countries.
NISO will be your consultancy and partner to reach win-win career together.

Quanzhou Niso Industry Co.,Ltd is your best choice for baby diaper machine, adult diaper machine, sanitary napkin machine and under pad machine in China.

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